Loqman Slim Murdered in South Lebanon!

لقمان سليم

Following being reported missing last night in South Lebanon, and his phone being found tossed on the side of the road in Niha, Loqman Slim was found dead murdered in his rental car in the near Nabatiyeh. His body was found inflicted with 4 bullet wounds in the head, and no identification was found on him.

Judge Ramadan assigned a forensic team and doctor to examine Slim’s body, and security teams to examine security cameras from Niha to the town of Adousiye. Additionally, Al-Hadath network correspondent reported that 3 bullet casings were found next to Slim’s head; meaning that the bullets were shot from within the car.

Security sources revealed that Slim’s phone was found 300 meters away from the house he was inside of in Niha before he was kidnapped and led into an abandoned street in the town of Al-Adousiyeh.

Loqman Slim had, not long ago, received death threats due to his positions on the October 17th revolution. On Dec 12th 2019, he was detained in one of the tents on Martyr Square while at the same time, members of Hezbollah and AMAL organized around his home in Haret Hreik late at night chanting against him and accusing him of treason.  The next day, Slim found printed letters of these accusations around his home that called him, a Zionist and threatened his of assassination

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