Diab Cabinet to emerge soon… Where Does the Revolution Stand?

حسان دياب

Hezbollah have returned and are making sure their allies (Berri, Bassil, and Diab) toe the party line and push towards a quick cabinet formation having left them for weeks express their aspirations and concerns; only to swoop in with the solution that has been in their hands the entire time. Their move intends to make a statement, to their allies and their foes, that they are the main protectors and sponsors of this administration. The move also stands to send a message not only within but outside Lebanon.

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Yes, Hezbollah have settled their indecisiveness. After the financial-monetary-social situation reached the brink of collapse, they haverekindled the revolution again. Here they are, the rulers of Lebanon swooping in to save the country from its imminent demise and claiming the role of the savior.

As far as I know (as is expected), the governmental statement is all set up. It will be a carbon copy of the statement of its predecessor when it comes to the issue of the “Resistance”, and a return to business as usual when it comes to budget and reforms. The corrupt political class is returningto the helm of the same crumbling institutions under the supervision of Hezbollah, yet this timeit will likely feature new faces,as “specialists”, assigned by them.

This leaves a part of the old political establishment that hopes to survive this sinking ship of an administration by riding the wave of the revolution.

The revolution must preserve itself, as well as prepare for the next phase post-cabinet formation and play its pivotal role. This role is monitoring and ensuring accountability as well creating initiatives that offer practical solutions and achievable goals, not just empty and popular slogans.

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