No Aid for Lebanon: Diab’s Cabinet Faces Arab Rejection

حسان دياب

Since day 1, It was clear that the assignment of former minister Hassan Diab did not have Sunni acceptance, nor was it in accord with the Taif Agreement. This was a dangerous precedent in Lebanese politics considering the current economic and financial crises. This drew massive question marks over the future of Arab and international aid to a government under the control of Hezbollah.

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In this context, Arab diplomatic sources revealed to “Nidaa Al-Watan” Newspaper the absent of Arab consent to the naming of Diab as Prime Minister. Diab is considered a figure chosen by the 8th of March Coalition which is close to Assad and his allies. This is especially wen it was reported that he had visited Damascus and met with officials in the Syrian Regime.

Sources also confirmed that the Arab nations were ready to assist Lebanon economically. However, when it was revealed that the cabinet formation will take on a fully political and unilateral, aid from Gulf countries became an unlikely expectation as things stand. The Arab countries look towards the position of Dar Al-Ifta’a (The official Sunni Muslim council in Lebanon) that was sidelined by the appointment. This indicated that the formation went against the Sunni component of Lebanon and remains a cause for concern.

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