US Rejection for a Cabinet that Represents Hezbollah: This is What Hill Said Behind Closed Halls

ديفيد هيل

What wasn’t announced in public was conveyed inside closed halls. Although the US delegation headed by Ambassador David condone the naming of PM appointee Hassan Diab and distanced itself from the decision regarding cabinet formation, the delegation did have a say about the appointment that was conveyed by close sources according to “Nidaa Al-Watan” newspaper. They report that Hill did inform officials whom he met in Beirut that the US administration will suspend all aid to a cabinet that represents Hezbollah directly or indirectly. He stated that Washington is not in the business giving aid to such a government, nor indirectly through directing support through Gulf countries.

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The sources revealed that Hill conveyed a harsh message regarding the position of Lebanon in the region, explaining to Lebanese officials that any bias in this area would be unacceptable and would cause consequences.Hill added that the US sanctions against “Hezbollah” and Tehran are continuing and that the Lebanese government must distance itself from the party.

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