USPEAK and the American Embassy Celebrate 820 Graduating Female Students from the Teach Women English Program

تخريج طلاب

This year, the Teaching Women English Program celebrated its 11th anniversary. The program made it possible for thousands of Lebanese women to be able to master English. The US Embassy’s Cultural Affairs Officer, Raisa Dukas, addressed the ceremony, stressing that the United States is committed to work for a bright future for the people of Lebanon, and that education and learning language skills are the foundation for that future.

“By learning or improving language skills, Teaching Women English helps empower women across Lebanon to fight against and break barriers to the full inclusion of and participation by women in all social, economic, and political spheres of life.” Dukas noted. “We at the U.S. Embassy are excited to note that the program is celebrating its 11th anniversary this year. You join now thousands of Lebanese women who have benefited from the Teaching Women English program. We hope you continue to build on your English listening, speaking, and writing skills wherever you use them—at work, with your families, or in your communities.” she concluded.

The director of the program Rawan Yaghi said that last year, the graduates celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of independence in Rashia Fort and contributed to reaching 1600 graduates. “Our story began with 1000 applications and 40 ladies who went on to master the language, teach their children or interact with them as well as the community and with their relatives abroad in English.” She added.

Yaghi also said: “The graduates also participated in a campaign that began last year on ending domestic violence, through participating with many difference associations that held training sessions in many different areas such as Beera, Tripoli, Tyr and others.” She added that: “these campaigns motivated the ladies to participate in other national campaigns that called for equality of rights and duties. In addition to that, the ladies received lesson about conflict resolution as well as waste management, gender-based violence, debate, and general business.”

Yaghi concluded: “Teaching women English is a common responsibility we all hold” and she thanked the US embassy for funding this project that believes in the importance of educating women”.

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