How Iran replaced Abadi on Behalf of the United States


How the US succeeded in convincing Iran to replace Abady and select 3 heads of state in their favor.

It is important before we move on ward that we review former Prime Minister Haidar Abady’s accomplishments in the 4 years since he took office, and here are some of these achievements:

  • The cracking down on and elimination of ISIS before the proliferation of US influence in the region.
  • Restoring power and authority to the Iraqi armed forces, and transforming Iraq into a powerful force against US and allied influence in the region.
  • Unifying Iraq and preventing Kurdish efforts of establishing an independent Kurdistan which would have served as an Israeli sanctuary in that region.
  • Abady was able to restore Iraq’s long lost status and Iraqi’s trust in their country.
  • The achievements of Abady in Iraq could have been reflected positively on Iran, which would lead to the Iranian regime being more open to greater freedoms. This is what is happening. Millions of Iranian visitors benefit from the positive Iraqi atmosphere, which leads to greater harmony with Iraq.

All these achievement by Abady were looked upon by the US administration as a threat to their influence in the region. However, it was not possible for the US to dispose of Abady without Iran’s approval, any attempt in doing so will not pass without Iranian opposition.

The United States decided to display its backing of Abady as Prime Minister while in fact not providing any form of tangible support. Moreover, they would often send contradicting signals to Iraqi opposition forces that would essentially nullify their displayed support of Abady. The Iranians were quick to taking the bait, and replacing Abady with true Allies of the US administration. Those 3 heads of state however, will not be able to maintain the accomplishments Abady worked hard to achieve.

What made the whole deal go through was the decision of the Trump administration of withdrawing from the Iranian Nuclear deal. Taking place with the Iraqi Parliamentary elections, the new and rigid sanctions on Iran played a role in the formation of Iraqi government in which Abady’s nomination was ahead before these events unfolded.

These decisions have prompted Iranians to lose sight between their friends and their foes. They chose Turkey as their ally and put its interest ahead of Iraq, and by that they have stumbled.

As a result, Iraq also lost a historic opportunity to restore power to the people of the region and get rid of American/Israeli hegemony. The naiveté and confusion once again struck Iranian officials, and as they struggle with sanctions and internal conflict they fell right into the hands of the US.

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