The Gulf crisis and the division of Saudi Arabia: Fears and calls

Salwa Fadel Conducted an interview with Sheikh Mohamad Ali Al-Haj talking about the plan for the new coming division of the Arab world.

The only certainty in the Middle East is the regimes of slavery and guardianship. This is affirmed by political analyst Ibrahim Karagul who stated in “Yeni Shafak” newspaper that: “This geographical region which is the Arab region, is run by the US and the UK. They are the ones who call the shots, and the ones who grant power and jurisdiction over the region.”

According to Karagul: “The Qatari crisis is only a feature of the Iranian-Saudi war, as Washington had already commenced actions against Qatar. This has happened during Trump’s visit to Riyad when all routes (land, sea, and air) were blocked during that time. All that happened was in anticipation of the attacks on Tehran. These attacks were carried out through Bombings and shootings in Tehran committed by Daesh in an attack which was the first of its kind by the organizations that was infamous for targeting almost exclusively Sunni targets. With the aim of inciting the Sunni Arabs and Iranian Shiites against each other. The first step was to form the Sunni Arab Front, which includes Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. The main objective is to divide Saudi Arabia into states.”

“The fate of Saudi Arabia and the entire Gulf states will be like the fate of Syria, as the missiles will fall on the Kaaba, which is essentially the capital.”

Sheikh Mohammed Ali al-Hajj, head of the “Sajjad Hawza” had earlier called for the division of Saudi Arabia after the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr. Today, after the acceleration of events in the Arabian Gulf and the analysis of observers who say that the end of Saudi Arabia is soon, confirms the ideas of the Turkish analyst.

In an interview Janoubia conducted with Sheik Mohamad Ali al-Hajj he said: “I continue to receive verbal insults from both parties for my call to divide Saudi Arabia. The Iranians consider it an American demand because it will later cause Sunnis of Iran to want the same…The current division of the Arab region dates to 1916 based on the Sykes-Picot accord which emerged 100 years ago. Since then it has already lost its mission and its circumstances are no longer relevant or binding. Homelands are human notions; geographical divisions are only meaningful when they serve the people’s interests. When they seize to serve this interest, they become obsolete, and man should then be free to decide.”

An example Al-Hajj gives is that: “The Swiss federation is composed of four countries, Europe has changed its geography several times, all of the divisions are based on changing unions that are constantly changing constantly as being subject to the interests of the people. These artificial Arab borders are perpetuating Sunni-Shiite tension in Iraq, Syria and everywhere. Therefore, it is in our advantage to resort to division according to promote our best interests.” He goes on to say: “Why do we consider partition a conspiracy as long as it serves the interests of the people? Those who say conspiracy should be the first to down the Arab-Arab borders. On the other hand, there is no doubt that there is an external plan to divide the region and has been showing signs in Syria, is there hope in trying to defy these forces? We agreed to the Sykes-Picot divisions, and so it became, and we were pleased with the divisions applied by the West. Is it in our interest to continue the Sunni-Shiite strife, especially if there is racial repression?”

“Usually, any division is provoking, and our position is against in the principle point of view. However,  this should not stand in the way of changing the harsh reality we live in. The humanitarian tragedies that plague us are much more important than freezing at some administrative and geographical divisions that will ultimately be a temporary part of history. “

“We must strive to create modern regimes, but until then there is no objection whatsoever to altering the geography of the area, thus contributing to reducing the killing and the displacement of people, and the destruction of the countries. And we say to those who are provokes by our call for division: You are better off being provoked by the senseless killing and destruction!”

“I will always call for a civil and a democratic state, but any amendment to the geographical areas should not be the opposite to this call, why is it so threatening?”

The New York Times published in 2016 a new map of the Arab world that shows the new divisions of some Arab countries, where five of these countries will become fourteen in the new division.

According to the map, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq are the countries that will be included in the supposed division. Saudi Arabia will be divided into five states: Northern Saudi Arabia, Western Saudi Arabia, Southern Saudi Arabia, Eastern Saudi Arabia, and in the center, lies Wahhabistan. And according to the analysts of this study, the divide will reshape the Middle East more dramatically that Sykes-Picot has.

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