The insufferable conditions set by the Gulf onto Qatar: Shutting down Aljazeera!

Hassan Hammoud wrote an article about the conditions set by the Gulf States on Qatar to end the embargo that ware recently leaked and appear to be impossible to commit to.

The list of conditions of the Gulf States’ campaign to Qatar which were presented through Kuwait, who is playing the role of the mediator, include first and foremost an official announcement from Qatar to reduce the level of diplomatic representation with Iran, the immediate closure of Turkey’s military airbase in Doha, as well as severing all ties and relationships with Terrorist and ideologically extremists groups first of whom is the Muslim Brotherhood. In addition to that, the regulations include the discontinuation of all sorts of funding to terrorist entities or individuals, the closing of Aljazeera and all its channels, and ending all kinds of internal or external interference in the affairs of other sovereign countries. Finally Qatar must stop the nationalization of any individual who does not belong to any of the 4 states, as well as revoking the citizenship of those who had already been nationalized along with compensating for all the victims and the losses that have occurred.

The list of conditions also stipulates that Qatar must be in harmony with its Gulf and Arab environment at all levels of military, politics, economics, and security.

To accept these conditions, Qatar has been given 10 days. Will the small emirate reject or yield?

On that subject, Journalist Ghassan Jawad told Janoubia that the conditions that have been leaked seem to be impossible. The major condition is not reducing the official relations with Iran or the resistance movements because Qatar is technically is the rival of Iran and resistance movements in principle with the exception of their stance on Hamas.

“Relations with Turkey are also vital for Qatar while the both have similar tendencies and alliances with the Muslim Brotherhood” Jawad adds. He points out that the countries seeking that Qatar reduce its relations with Iran have huge trade agreements with Iran, and in the forefront of those countries is the UAE.

By analyzing the situation, Jawad claims that since the demands were leaked and Qatar was given notice to comply, we can deduce that Qatar won’t respond. It seems as the crisis will grow indefinitely for now seeing as the US appears to be taking a neutral position.

Jawad explains that: “The American position seems to stand by the countries of the embargo on one hand and with Qatar on the other. This might be conceived as a message for Qatar to hold on its position and at the same time the Gulf countries to continue their blockade on Qatar.”

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