Here come the Tomahawks

When it comes to the American Tomahawk attacks on the Syrian regime military airfield in Aleppo that were a response to the chemical weapons massacre performed by the Syrian regime on the village of “Khan Shikhon”, there is a story this offensive offers that we should note. One is that it is a reminder of the savagery of our dictatorial regimes, for it unmasks them and reveals their true weakness; that can only commit violence against their own people like a frustrated beating his wife.
It also draws the end to our dictators. As was the case with Saddam Hussein in the 90’s, Bashar stands in his shoes today, as a weak and frail mouse running frantically from the claws the European and American felines. These clawswill go on striking him with missiles and international resolutions for years before finishing him off when the time comes.
It is a time that won’t stop at 60 Tomahawks and Cruise missiles. Hundreds and thousands of these missiles, that are customarily used by the US superpowers when they sense the end of a dictatorship regime, will follow.

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