The July 2006 War: A War with no Winner.

حرب تموز 2006 لبنان

During the July 2006 war, the Israeli army was unable to achieve its expansionary goals of reclaiming the Southern Lebanese territories from the border reaching the Litani River according to the Israeli Minister of War at that time. The war was also unable to achieve the Israeli goal of retrieving the territory held before the liberation of the south in the year 2000. Moreover, the Israeli’s also failed in preventing the firing of rockets towards their territories, despite these rockets arguably having limited efficacy. Ultimately, the Israeli army was unable to eliminate any Hezbollah leader despite the mass destruction inflicted on residential buildings they inhabited.

A War with no Victor.

Hezbollah have maintained that the 2006 war was a victory which the Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has repeatedly called a divine one in his speeches!

So where does this victory rank on the scale of real victories? Did Hezbollah truly emerge victories against the Israeli enemy that summer?

In fact, there was no victor in that war. For Israel, results evident from the aftermath of the war made it clear.  As for Hezbollah, they would not have been able to stop the aggression, had it not been for the Qatari intervention in the Security Council. That intervention stopped the aggression from the Israeli side. had it not been for Qatari pressure in the Security Council, the military operations would have continued that day for a longer period.

Hezbollah was not able to hamper the offensive of the Zionist air forces at that time, as the fighter jets moved freely through the skies carrying out hundreds of devastating raids that were not deterred by anything Hezbollah could muster.

Hezbollah Surrenders the Border to the Army.

Despite its deadly and unjust offensive of South Lebanon for 33 days, The Israeli army failed to achieve its strategic goals. Ultimately, it was a futile attempt by them by every metric. Therefore, there was no victor in the war from either side. On the other hand, Hezbollah, who used to consider all demands that the Army control the southern border American/Zionist plots, ended the war with their approval of the 1701 resolution which stipulated the entry of the army and emergency forces into the region. This was a huge blow to Hezbollah. This indeed was an American and international demand in order to remove Hezbollah’s (and Iran’s) monopoly over the security of the region’s borders.

Moreover, Hezbollah was not successful in preventing the entry of the Israeli ground forces or hamper their invasion completely. Despite the fact that they managed to destroy dozens of top-of-the-line tanks in the battle of Wadi al-Hujair, the Israelis managed to reach the town of Burj Qalaway, 15 km from the border. Additionally, Hezbollah’s forces were unable to reclaim the Lebanese territories still in dispute following the liberation in year 2000. All this leads to the conclusion that the end result cannot be considered a victory by any stretch.

This is why we remain insistent on describing what happened in 2006 as “Divine Mercy”, as the results of that war could have been much worse. Hezbollah, on the other hand, are not going to re-evaluate their assessment of that “Divine Victory” anytime soon.

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