Towards a Third Republic: Hezbollah Prepares for Upheaval in Anticipation of Collapse

حزب الله يطلب مجندين في صفوفه

Right now, Lebanon is witnessing a race between a potential explosion and total collapse. Remarkably, the political components of the country are not contending to find a solution to put the country back on track, even if a long-term one.

In fact, in anticipation of the great collapse that is just around the corner, Hezbollah continue to focus on ensuring the sustainability of their constituency through the rough times ahead. They realize and well understand that the upcoming calamities brought on by the collapse could be well beyond containment; especially in the event that their communities are faced with hunger.

In an article by Johnny Mnayar in “Al-Joumhouriyah”, by the title “Israeli Commando on Jiyeh Beach”, the preparations by Hezbollah include purchasing and equipping pharmacies in several regions to secure medicine, some of which originates from Iran. In addition to that, they are securing additional electricity generators to maintain electrical coverage in the areas under their influence, as the probability of the state electricity company suspending production is becoming more and more likely due to huge fuel and foreign currency shortages. Warehouses in different regions were also purchased to secure food supply at low costs from Iranian imports as well. Similarly, fuel will also follow suit.

The eminent economic and financial collapse will drive the public into total chaos and destroy whatever is left of the Lebanese state. It will be a much crueler scenario than that of 1989. On the other hand, major powers do not seem as willing, at this time, to grant Hezbollah more influence as they prepare for a new political structure that will be known as the “Third Republic”.

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