New video game promotes the image of Bashar Al-Assad.

An exclusive article to Janoubia talks about a new video game spreading through social media featuring Bashar Al-Asad and the Syrian regime army as the protagonists in the war against terror in a move that aims to promote the image of their side in the Syrian war.

“Tiger Unit” is a game spreading between war game enthusiasts. It has reached notoriety through its presence on social media while its original developer remains unknown. Naturally, electronic war games always possess clear political messages and contain certain political ideology. In the past decade, the war against terror has dominated e-gaming as it allows players to enlist in the military ranks of respective administrations or regimes.

Topping the list of most popular electronic games that promote the idea of war on terror, commonly by the US and British armies, is “Call of Duty”. The game “Tiger Unit” serves the same objective; in that it highlights the important role carried out however this time by the Syrian and Iraqi army in combatting terrorism.

The game “Tiger Unit” promotes a clear political and military ideology aimed particularly against Arab and Western European countries, as well as the United States. It accuses them of direct involvement in the aid of terrorist organizations; ultimately leading them into traps they set up for themselves. On the other hand, the game portrays Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad as the protector of the land from the Free Syrian army and its cooperatives like Jabhat Al-Nusra. They game also emphasizes the positive role of Russia in the “fight against terror”, and it also attempts to show the dispute that is occurring between Assad and Tehran.

The game’s page on Facebook presents several episodes not exceeding 5 minutes portraying wars in Arab countries, and it shifts from scenes in Syria to Iraq reaching Lybia and Morocco. Players are called on by the Tiger Unit to engage in the battle and combat evil.

Notably in the game is the focus on the character of Bashar Al-Assad who manages to survive attempts at him in every episode. Assad is also able to overcome Jordanian and Turkish plots against him through his cooperation with the United States. One of the videos that portrays Assad is an episode titled “after the fire” that talks about the betrayals of Assad by his soldiers and generals in his army; where in one of these videos one of his soldiers is shown giving away the whereabouts of Assad. “Tiger Unit” also attempts to promote Russian propaganda which refused to accuse Assad of the chemical weapon attacks on his people.

In related contexts, one player, Mohammad Farhat, told Janoubia that he found out about the game through Facebook. The most significant challenges in the game he said are: “Focusing down on betrayals plaguing the ranks of the GCC countries and the Arab League, in addition to including the Palestinian cause in which several characters in the game are portrayed with the Palestinian flag on their Uniforms as they fight for the ‘good’ side.” According to Mohammad, Tiger unit also focuses especially on the Russian role in the fight against terrorism as he adds: “The game promotes heavily the role of Russia as the good power that will combat all evil produced by terrorist organizations and their supporting states. Tiger Unit also suggests that Iran is committing serious mistakes towards the Regime and Russia’s operations causing much confusion.”

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