Al-Sayyed Al-Amine: Islam needs a rational movement to deliver it from regression

In response to the question of increasing Islamic ideological movements who have all claimed the ability to save Islamic societies from regression, Al-Sayyed Mohammad Hassan Al-Amine answers the following:

“The movements that aim to counter the regression in the Islamic world follow two paths, the political or the enlightenment paths. It is our view that there is a dire need in the Islamic society for a project that aims to enlighten the vast majority of this society where literacy and education rates remain low.

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From that standpoint we focus mainly on the level of education. Education in its general sense does not have an ideological identity, it is merely the knowledge that provides the mind productive thought that could propel the Islamic society to higher levels of productivity and creativity than other societies.
Therefore, the rational movement is the closest path to what society should look up to. To use your mind is to depend on science and knowledge, and in most cases applied sciences cannot be separated from one another by categories. They are all closely connected and dependent. The Islamic view can only be applied on the humanities, and only there can the western and Arab Islamic cultures merge.”
Al-Sayyed Al Amine also adds saying: “The Islamic society however is in need of increased levels of education to elevate Islamic thinking to higher ranks, where these countries may become producers. Most of this depends on the aspect of development and its enhancement. The more that is invested in development, the more society demands higher levels of knowledge and education to sustain this economic development and growth.

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Al-Sayyed Al Amine concludes saying:” When it comes to Islamic values, they are of great importance however whilestill considering the circumstances of which these values are appliedduring, for these values have become in our time far from the true interpretation of Islam. This requires the introduction of a new Islamic interpretation that would allow these values to be taught in a way that is coherent with modern thinking and scientific knowledge as aforementioned.

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