In its fifth anniversary, Syria’s uprising against the world

Four years have passed since the Syrian people took down the streets claiming freedom among other demands. In its fifth anniversary, the Syrian uprising is fighting against the international community.

Four years have passed since the Syrian people took down the streets and the Syrian uprising is immune to death. The Syrians did not come out in the spring of 2011 against the Assad regime and the family, out of luxury. Protests came out, in the first year; against a regime that damaged during four decades the blood of Syrians and their humanity, only after most Syrians felt that death has gripped people. So it was out of people’s expression of pain that have accumulated throughout the years of life in their soul and their bodies have become worn out by it.

Why did the Syrians come out of basements injustice to the streets of liberty? This is a question raised by some people and even seems to them surprising. The tyranny of the regime did not leave room to change or even hope for it. For four decades, the regime insisted to close any open window on the peaceful change. Any invitation for change was received as a conspiracy against the Syrian state and those calling for it would become prisoners or die or remain on the run from charges of betraying the country. Thousands of political prisoners died and their stories showed that the tyranny of the Assad regime exceeded the tyranny of other repressive regimes in the Arab world.

The Syrian people did not take down the streets out of luxury and no one is allowed to ask the oppressed to accept attacking his rights and dignity when refusing injustice and confronting it, or to wait for decades for the ruler to grant him “reforms.”

The Syrian people could also not have been convinced that their rights as citizens were to be determined by the security apparatuses and the mafias of the state that has stolen the goods of the country in the name of socialism or nationalization. In all cases, the rights were confiscated under the banner of social unity and moreover in the name of Palestine.

Four years have passed for the orphan revolution, and facts reveal how much the Syrian regime is needed by foreign forces. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians died and the sheer size of the devastation caused by the system, and millions displaced, do not earn the international and regional needed action to push the regime for change or to stop the massacre. Obviously, the survival of the Assad regime is still an international need. We are not talking about the Iranian position only, but the American and Russian stances, and most recently US Secretary of State John Kerry’s position.   Meanwhile, Turkey and the Gulf states contributed to damaging the revolution in the name of helping it or to avoid extending the “epidemic” of the Arab Spring to their home countries and communities.

But the Syrian Revolution remain immune to death, bacillus at the regional and international control, and it explodes in the face of every attempt to eliminate it, and escapes from the confiscation of all its sacrifices and martyrs. Syrians have exceeded the Assad regime stage, and moved into a new phase of the conflict. They have come to realize that this regime has lost the ability to continue in the new Syria, and what remain of it are the killing machine and the need of others for this machine. So they are struggling for life, a life without Assad or the death machine.

Syrians realize that investing in their blood and the destruction of their country will not be an Iranian – American picnic or an Israeli security investigation, and will not be an asset to the organization of the Islamic State (ISIS).  Syrians and all those damaged by the Syrian regime, including Palestinians and Lebanese, Kurds and others, are aware that never had been silence over the crimes of any regime as much as the silence that enclosed the Assad regime atrocities especially with the tens of thousands of Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinians of missing persons who were absent in Assad’s prisons… all before the year 2011.

The revolution is an orphan stripped from everything except its will, and despite all attempts to bring it down there is a will winning every day in the attempts to break free.  It is still a long way, the revolution has moved from the stage of changing the regime to the stage of breaking free from all forfeitures ideology, which justified the tyranny and had increased it. The Syrian Revolution whiter because it frightens all opponents, both of whom claim to support it or publicly announced standing up against it and drowning it into the fight.

Four decades and four years after the Assad regime, and four years of continuous revolution revealed the fact that the Assad regime is only the image of the intersection of international and regional interests which are neither national nor Syrian nor Arab. What the Syrians are fighting against today is the regional and the international system with all its extensions and artificial contradictions. The fate of the revolution is victorious… four years ago, the children came out of Daraa with vibrant fingers, but their fingers were amputated by Assad and the blood that came out from their hand will draw a new Syria, a free Syria.

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